First, Where does Forex Trading Occur?

Everyday, $3.2 trillion dollars is traded in the world’s currency markets, and which way the USD will bounce next is anyone’s guess. Currencies are always moving one way or the other; Movement creates a great opportunity in the currency markets for those who know how to take advantage of it. Our Managed FX Spot Strategy; “Risk Management is the Difference Between Success or Failure in FX Spot Trading”

About  Managed Forex Account Strategy;

  • We have you, the client’s best interest at heart
  • In this highly leveraged market, we know capital preservation is very important
  • We Pride ourselves on maintaining focus and discipline
  • We treat your money as if it is ours
  • Full Transparency;
  • Increased Security Account is owned solely by you
  • Increased Flexibility you can add or redeem your investment with ease
  • We have the highest integrity and pride ourselves on our open lines of communication and Excellent service

Liquidity and Low Fees

  • Unmatched Daily Liquidity
  • No Lockup Period Like A Hedge Fund
  •   We provide all investors with daily liquidity of their capital
  •   No penalties
  •   No early withdraw fees 

Slow and Steady Wins the Race; “Risk Management is the Difference Between Success and Failure in Trading

“We believe,“Risk Management is the Difference Between Success or Failure in FX Trading”. During the stock market bubble and credit meltdown, limiting risk was an afterthought, We all know what happened. We look to preserve trading capital while protecting profits.

Do Not Wake Up and Find Out You Lost 20 or 30% or More


   Managing Risk; We believe this is number one and it is a key to our strategy. Capital Preservation is #1 

We use some of the oldest, time tested strategies, invented and utilized by futures traders, some of the largest leveraged traders in the world.  These strategies were invented before retail forex even existed. Unlike other Forex Accounts, Mutual Funds, and Stock Accounts, our Managed Forex Account is liquid each day and not subject to wild swings. We never invest all of a client’s investment in any one trade .

A Key, is Keeping Losses Small.  Therefore we provide our clients peace of mind. They do not have to worry about waking up and finding out they lost 20 or 30% like they do, with stocks/mutual funds, or some other Fx accounts. To us, that is not professional, or proper risk management, that is gambling, you could do that by yourself.


If the market moves against our position, our philosophy is to retreat promptly to minimize losses. Similarly, when reasonable profits are realized, we are not reluctant to leave a favorable trend in the market, and take our profits, because trends can change quickly. Our risk management tools include but are not limited to, the limit order and the stop loss order. A limit order places restriction on the maximum price to be paid or the minimum price to be received. A stop loss order seeks to insure a particular position is automatically liquidated in order to limit potential losses should the market move against an investor’s position.

Our underlying philosophy is a commitment to excellence in our market practices. We believe there is no substitute for preparation. Money Management is KEY to our Strategy.


We take Pride in what We Do, and Believe Integrity and Prosperity Go Hand in Hand, We Work Hard For You

OUR GUARANTEE ; A Managed Forex Account with Integrity and, Stability ;Your Search Has Ended


  • Capital Preservation is #1
  • Our trading platform allows us to see all clients’ funds under one MASTER account
  • We risk a low percentage on any given day
  • We most trade 3 Majors Paired against the USD
  • We average just 3 trades
  • We trade primarily during the European and US Sessions when the currency market is most liquid

  You Can Not Trade with No Money;

No matter how much you made yesterday or in the past, it means nothing if you lose enough today, and tomorrow and than have nothing. While we advocate long term investments for wealth growth, at Fx Asset Management we believe that investors should have access to their money especially in this economic climate